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Mellisa and Keith DeLacy work with and have been featured  for their photoraphy in Las Vegas, Nevada by the following, and more!

Mellisa and Keith DeLacy
 work with and have been featured for their photography in Las Vegas, Nevada by the following, and more!



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If you're going to trust us with your boudoir shoot, it's only fair we confide some in you as well.  To start with, Mellisa wasn't always the size she is now.  She was 300 pounds and fabulous, embracing her curves and stretch marks, but threatened with health issues.  Simply put, she lost weight, however she was completely unprepared to find that she'd actually lose confidence and become less secure in her appearance afterwards.  Since then she has embraced a new outlook and lifestyle, rediscovering her true glow.

The moral of the story is that Mellisa has lived a spectrum of self-image highs and lows, which means she understands a wide variety of reasons (and techniques) for boudoir photography at any size or stage of self-consciousness.  Bottom line... you're in good hands.

John Garfield

"With my brains and your looks, we could go places."


Valid question.  We're Mellisa and Keith DeLacy, a congenial and somewhat amusing boudoir photography team here in Las Vegas, and we sincerely cherish your confidence when we compose your dream boudoir experience.

Pretty much any boudoir photographer will openly share the philosophy that you are uniquely beautiful, incredible, and sexy... and that they want nothing more than to help show and empower you in that regard.

We're a little different.
But before you close this tab, look a little closer, because we're a touch unique ourselves...

Boudoir is a personal thing, meaning it's private sometimes, but unique always.  Your energy, your desire, and your fantasy are what we're showcasing, from delicate and angelic to dark and sassy.  Want to bare that raw and unabashed beauty including every laugh line and tiger stripe?  You earned it, shine bright girl.  Prefer to showcase your finer aspects only?  Done, a few touch-ups don't make you a catfish, we promise.  Dreaming of a wildly different version of you?  At your service, it's YOUR fantasy and we're not here to tell you what it should be, we're here to make it happen.  

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Recent Las Vegas boudoir shoots

Pictures are priceless. They capture moments in time that will never happen again precisely that way. My boudoir session with Melissa captured the moment in time where I gained my confidence back. I never realized a picture would change how I looked at myself. Man was I blown away !

Melissa is very attentive. Prior to the session she asked questions on what I was interested in, gave suggestions. She was incredible ! She made me feel at ease, because trust me I was super nervous. She made sure the whole time I was comfortable and at ease. Her husband is super talented as well ! He helped set up the lighting and is a master at editing, a genius ! They make a superb team !!!

If you are on the fence about booking a session , don't be! Rip off the band-aid and JUST DO IT ! You will glad you did, trust me ! Go find your inner goddess, because I sure did :)

I was visiting Vegas and was looking for a photographer that could take photos of me in a 'desert' location but also with me wearing specific outfits. I'm a photographer myself so I know this might make other photographers feel uncertain about taking on a shoot - I know that show I feel when I take photos of other photographers. But once I found Mellisa and Keith I KNEW I'd found the right people. We had talked on the phone prior to the shoot, ideas were sent back and forth via email etc., and I was SUPER excited to get the shoot done.

They came to the hotel and Mellisa did my hair and make-up and did a phenomenal job. While Mellisa was working her magic, they showed me images of the locations they had chosen - they actually had gone the day prior to the shoot to scout out good places!!!!!!!! That is incredible customer service right there!

They drove me to the location - Valley of Fire, made sure I was hydrated the whole time, even brought me hiking boots so I didn't have to buy some while I was one this trip!!!! Seriously, nothing was overlooked!

They were SO MUCH fun to work with, they posed me correctly, showed me images from the back of the camera throughout, had excellent ideas etc., They drove me BACK to the hotel and even got me back to my room safely....... They made me feel so at ease!

When I say that their customer service level is above 100% I MEAN IT! The photos they took and sent me were EXACTLY what I was looking for. EXACTLY.

5 stars isn't even enough to give Mellisa and Keith. If you are looking to have a good time, getting AMAAAAZING photos back then I would TOTALLY recommend them! The next time I'm out that way I'm definitely getting more photos done!

Mellisa has not only taken my maternity pictures, but my family portraits for many years and a boudoir session as well! Mellisa & Keith work well together. I’ll give you one example. Mellisa was trying her best to get the PERFECT shot of my boys and myself from above out in a field. She tried until she finally got just the right height and angle on the shoulders of Keith! They capture genuine and natural smiles because they KNOW how to make you AND your children smile! They are the complete package together and I would highly recommend them to ANYONE having pictures taken whatever the occasion may be!




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Products and Digitals purchased separately.


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We offer products both a la carte and in convenient packages.

Starting with the essentials, your MK DeLacy boudoir experience will dedicate 4 hours of our time to you, during which you'll have professional hair & makeup done, unlimited outfit changes including use of our client closet, a complimentary beverage of your choosing (Moscato perhaps? And you keep the bottle!), 1 edited & retouched (as per your wishes) high-resolution digital image, as well as an 8x11 matted print of the same, and of course, your custom-curated photography session and gallery review at our boudoir studio in Summerlin, Las Vegas.

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