Cheers! This is where we can catch up!

Hey everyone, this is our blog (I’m still not comfortable with that word) where you can see what we’ve been up to as a Photography couple, and as a family in general. Basically, if it seems interesting enough for us to share… we will. 🙂

For instance, a couple days ago we decided to go on a bike ride with the girls, but instead of the usual neighborhood galivant, we went north about a mile to the edge of the world (okay, the Las Vegas city limits, but whatever) and realized that some breath-taking desert scenery was literally a hop-skip-and-bike-ride away from our doorstep. There’s just something timeless and enticing about those vast lands beyond civilization, and exploring several fascinating spots along those outskirts together as a family was just awesome.

To name a few highlights, we ventured past where the road ended abruptly, caving into the earth about five feet below, found a sign designating nearby archeological fossil sites, and even encountered a lonesome black dog(pretty sure it was a dog) trotting across the valley ahead of us. All along, the weather was perfectly cool with a gentle breeze, and the sun was slowly setting over the western mountains. 11/10, will do again. 😉


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